General CV

Curriculum vitae

Koivusalo, Markku Johannes

Title of Docent, D. Soc. Sc. in Political Science

Personal data

  • Full name: Koivusalo, Markku Johannes
  • Date and place of birth: 30 May 1969, Helsinki (Finland).
  • Finnish Citizen.
  • Spouse: Annaleena Hakatie (Designer)
  • Children: Annastiina Augusta Apollonia (b. 1999), Aukusti Alarik Dionius (b. 2006).
  • Current residence: Museokatu 46B 50. Helsinki 10. Finland
    • Email:,
  • Work contact: Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy.
    • PO Box 35 FI-40014. University of Jyväskylä
    • Email:


  • Title of docent. Political science. University of Helsinki 27.5. 2013.
  • D. Soc. Sc. in Political Science, University of Helsinki, 2012.
  • Master in Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, 4 October 1995.
  • Practical training in state administration. Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Department for Communications and Culture 1992
  • MA studies in political science, philosophy and sociology at the University of Edinburgh 1990-1991.
  • Secondary education: Tapiola Upper Secondary School 1988.

Linguistic skills:

  • Finnish (mother tongue), English, Swedish (good), Russian (fair)
  • Reading: French (good), Italian, Classical Greek, Latin, German (basics).

 Current position and work experience

  • Adjunct Professor (Title of Docent) at the University of Helsinki. 2013-
  • Acting University Teacher. Political Science. Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. University of Jyväskylä 2017-
  • Academic researcher and teacher 1995-2018 (Details see my academic CV)
    • Worked mainly in the Department of Political and Economic Studies. University of Helsinki and Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. University of Jyväskylä.
    • Visiting researcher and teacher in University of Genova 2015-2016
    • Visiting teacher in the University of the Arts Helsinki
      • Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (2003-2009); Theatre Academy Helsinki (2001-2006)
    • Visiting teacher in the Aalto University
      • The Department of Architecture (1997). ELO Film School Helsinki. Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (2017)
    • Visiting teacher in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Turku (2012)
    • Visiting teacher in the The Finnish Adult Education Centre. City of Helsinki (2017-2018)
    • Visiting teacher in Critical Academy, Helsinki (2000-2004).

Administrative experience

  • Chairmen (2005-2015). Vice Chairman (1998-2001) and Member (1996-2017) of the Executive Board 1996-2017. Finnish Association of Researchers.
  • Chairmen (2017- ) and Member (2013-2017) of the Board. Töölön kaupunginosat – Töölö ry.
  • Member (2018- ) of the Board. Central Finland Real Estate Federation.
  • Member (2017- ) of the Board. Real Estate Corporation Töölön Kylätalon Hietsu.
  • Chairmen (2017- ) and Member (1997-2009, 2017-) of the Board. As Oy Mechelin.
  • Member of The Board and secretary (2012-2013). Finland’s Housing Company Shareholder Association.
  • Member of the Board. Summa publishing house 2001-2006.

Fundraising and Personal Grants

Fundraising for Finnish Association of Researchers (2005-2015). T 435 950€

  • Operational grants, publishing grants, marketing and education grants, seminar grants.
  • Fundraising for Töölön kaupunginosat ry 3000€.
  • Fundraising for Finland’s Housing Company Shareholder Association. 7000 €.

Personal research grants:

  • The Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation 2013 (22 000 €); Emil Aaltonen Foundation 2003 (7000 €); Finnish Society for Non-Fiction Writers 2003 (1300 €); University of Helsinki Doctoral thesis grant (3300 €); The Finnish Cultural Foundation 2002 (13 500 €); Helsingin Sanomat Centennial Foundation 1999;Väinö Tanner Foundation 1998 (10 000 €); Finnish Cultural Foundation 1996 (10 000 €)

Research funding as a member of the research projects (selection)

  • Academy of Finland 2013-2017; University of Helsinki Network for European Studies 2010 2012; Academy of Finland Power and Society in Finland programme 2007-2010; Academy of Finland 1999-2001.


  • Member of the Research Community of the Year Award 2017. Finnish Association of Researchers
  • Award for the best Masters Theses. National Association of Political Science 1996.
  • Contributor-writer Award. Literary journal Nuori Voima
  • Award for the best Masters Theses. Faculty of Social Sciences. University of Helsinki


  • Over one hundred publications.
    • Numerous academic peer reviewed articles and chapters in research books.
    • Numerous articles in cultural and art journals
    • Columns, newspaper articles, reviews

Public appearances, discussions and events

Positions of Trust

  • Lay Judge. Helsinki District Court. 2013-.
  • Member of the Editorial board. Tiede ja edistys. [Interdisciplinary critical science journal.] 1998-2015.
  • Member of the editorial board in the publishing house Tutkijaliitto 1995-2017.
  • Representative of Association of Researchers in The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies 2011-2014.
  • Representative of Association in Finnish Civic Association for Adult Learning 2014-2015.
  • Several Positions of Trust in Student Organizations 1989-1992.

Reviewer and consultancy

Reviewer for the following academic journals:

  • STASIS: Journal in social and political theory; Nordic Journal of Youth Research; Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction Research; Ephemera: Theory and politics in organization; Tiede ja Edistys: Interdisciplinary critical science journal; Kosmopolis: Journal for Peace and Conflict Research and World Politics; Politiikka: Finnish Journal of Political Science; Justice: Journal of Finish Legal Policy Association.

Reviewer and consultancy for the following academic publishing houses

  • GAUDEAMUS Helsinki University Press; Finnish Youth Research Network; Finnish Research Association.