uppalaaitatMy family becomes originally from Ostrobothnia, but I was born in Helsinki and lived my childhood in Espoo, Haukilahti. I went school in Tapiola and matriculated from Tapiola Upper Secondary School 1988. I studied Political Science, Sociology and Philosophy in the University of Helsinki and University of Edinburgh and mastered politics in 1995. After that I have been researcher and teacher mainly in the University of Helsinki and Jyväskylä. I received the doctorate from the Helsinki University 2012 and the Title of the Docent 2013.

From the year 1988 I have been living in Helsinki Töölö, where I still live in Museokatu with my current family. My spouse Annaleena Hakatie is designer and we have two children, Annastiina Augusta Apollonia Koivusalo (b. 1999) and Aukusti Alarik Dionisius Koivusalo (b. 2006).