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Academic Associations

Finnish Research Association (Suomen tutkijaliitto )

  • Chairman of the Executive Board 2005-15.
  • Vice-chairman of the Executive Board 1998-2001.
  • Member of the Executive Board 1996-2009.
  • Representative in


  • IPSA (International Political Science Association)
  • CEEISA:aan (Central and East European International Studies Association)
  • IAPL:ään (The International Association for Philosophy and Literature)
  • Finnish Association for the Philosophy of Law (Suomen oikeusfilosofinen yhdistys)
  • Nuoren Voiman liitto.

Academic Journals

Tiede ja Edistys – Journal. Member of Editorial Team 1998-2015.

Refereed for academic journals and publishers

  • STASIS: Journal in social and political theory
  •  Young. Nordic Journal of Youth Research
  • Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research
  •  Ephemera: Theory and politics in organization
  • Tiede ja Edistys: Interdisciplinary critical science journal
  • Kosmopolis: Journal for Peace and Conflict Research and World Politics
  • Politiikka: Finnish Journal of Political Science
  • Finnish Youth Research Network
  • Finnish Research Association
  • Gaudeamus, University of Helsinki Press

Academic Publishing