Hobbes: Writings

Thomas Hobbes (of Malmesbury) 1588 – 1679

Collected Works

  • Thomae Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera philosophica, quae Latinè scripsit, omnia. Antè quidem per partes, nunc autem, post cognitas omnium objectiones, conjunctim & accuratiùs edita. Amsterdam, 1668.
  • The Moral and Political Works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury never
    before collected together. London, 1750.
  • (EW) The English Works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury; Now First Collected and Edited by Sir William Molesworth, Bart. 11 volumes. London: Bohn, 1839–45.
    • Reprinted as The Collected Works of Thomas Hobbes, with an Introduction by G.AJ. Rogers, Routledge/Thoemmes Press, London, 1992
  • (OL) Thomae Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera Philosophica quae Latina Scripsit, Studio et labore Gulielmi Molesworth. 5 v. Londini 1839-1945.
    • Vol I,  Vol II, Vol III, Vol IV, Vol V
    • Reprinted with an Introduction by G.AJ. Rogers, Thoemmes Press, Bristol 1999
  • The Clarendon Edition of the Works of Thomas Hobbes. Ed. H. Warrender
    et al. Oxford, 1983-


THREE DISCOURSES in Horae Subsecivae 1620


Twelve essays published by Mr. Edward Blount 1620. Three essays are attributed to Hobbes.

A Discourse upon the Beginning of Tacitus

A Discourse of Rome. 

A Discourse of Laws.

Hobbes: Three Discourses: A Critical Modern Edition of Newly Identified Work of the Young Thomas Hobbes. Edited by Noel B. Reynolds and Arlene W. Saxonhouse. University of Chicago Press, Chigaco and London 1995.

EIGHT BOOKS of the Peloponnesian War Written by Thucydides 1629

  • Of the Life and History of Thucydides.
    • English Works VIII.
  • Eight Books of the Peloponnesian War Written by Thucydides, the Son of Olorus, Interpreted with Faith and Diligence Immediately out of the Greek by Thomas
    Hobbes. Secretary to the late Earl of Devonshire. London 1629. Reprints in 1634, 1637, and 1648. 2nd corrected and amended edition. London 1676; 3rd edition. London, 1723.

    • English Works of Thomas Hobbes, VIII & IX.

Aristotle. A Briefe of the Art of Rhetoric. Edited and translated
by Thomas Hobbes (?). London 1637. EW IV.

THE ELEMENTS OF LAW, Natural and Politic (1640) 1650

Humane Nature: Or The Fundamental Elements of Policie. London 1650, 2nd edition 1651.) First part of The Elements of Law. Published without Hobbes’s authorisation.
De corpore politico, Or, The Elements of Law. London 1650. 2nd edition.
London, 1652. Note: The second part of The Elements of Law. EW IV.

  • Le Corps politique, ou les elemens de la loy morale et civile.
    Rouen. 2nd edition. Leiden 1652.
  • De la Nature humaine. Translated by Baron P. d’Holbach. London 1772.
  • The Elements of Law, Natural and Politic. Edited by F. Tönnies.
    London: Simpkin, Marhall 1889.

“Objectiones tertiae” 1641

  • Objectiones ad Cartesii Meditationes de Prima Philosophia. In René Descartes. Meditationes de prima philosophia. Paris 1641.
  • René Descartes. Six Metaphysical Meditations, Here unto are
    Added the Objections Made Against These Meditations by Thomas Hobbes.
    Translated by W. Molyneux. London 1680.
  • “The Third Set of Objections with the Replies By Descartes.”
    The Philosophical Writings of Descartes. 2 vols. Edited by J. Cottingham,R. Stoothoff, and D. Murdoch, vol. II, 121–37. Cambridge: Cambridge University
    Press 1984.
  • Kolmannet vastaväitteet. Teoks. René Descartes: Teokset II. Gaudeamus, Helsinki 2015.

DE CIVE 1642-1647

Elementorum philosophiae sectio tertia de cive. Paris, 1642, Amsterdam 1647, 1657, 1669, 1696, Lausanne 1760, Basel, 1782.

De Cive First limited Latin edition. Paris 1642, Amsterdam 1648.

Elements philosophiques du citoyen Traicte politique, ou les fondemens de la societe civile sont decouverts. Trans. S. Sorbiere. Amsterdam, 1649.

Philosophicall rudiments concerning government and society. Translated by Charles Cotton. London 1651.

De Cive: The Latin Version. Edited by H. Warrender. Oxford:
Oxford University Press 1983.

De Cive: The English Version. Edited by H. Warrender. Oxford:
Oxford University Press 1983.

On the Citizen. Translated by M. Silverthorne. Edited by R. Tuck.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1998.

Tractatus Opticus I & II

  • “Tractatus Opticus I” and “Praefatio utilis in ballisticam ad lectorem.” In Marin Mersenne, Cogitatio physico-mathematica. Paris 1644.
  • “Tractatus opticus II.” Early 1640s. In Franco Alessio. “Thomas Hobbes: Tractatus
    opticus.” Rivista critica della di storia della filosofia 18:147–228. 1963

An Answer to Davenant 1650

  • An answer to Sir Williams “Preface” before Gondibert. In Sir William
    Davenant. A Discouse Upon Gondibert. An Heroick Poem. Paris, 1650.
  • Sir William Davenant’s Gondibert. Edited by D. Gladish, 45–55.
    Oxford: Oxford University Press 1971.


Leviathan_1 LEVIATHAN, OR the Matter, Forme, and Power OF A COMMONWEALTH, ECCLESIASTICALL AND CIVILL.  By THOMAS HOBBES of Malmesbury. LONDON. Printed for ANDREW CROOKE, at the Green Dragon in St. Pauls Church-yard, 1651

Leviathan: Of Van De Stoffe, Gedaente, Ende Magt Van De Kerckelycke. Ende Wereltlycke Eegeeringe. Translated by J. Wagenar. Amsterdam1667.

Leviathan, sive de materia, form, & potestate civitatis ecclesaticae et civiliis. Amsterdam 1670.

1794-1795. Des Engländers Thomas Hobbes Leviathan, oder Der
kirchliche und bürgerliche staat. 2 vols. Translated by anonymous. Halle:
Hendel 1794, 1795. Translation of the Latin edition.

Leviathan, eli, Kirkollisen ja valtiollisen yhteiskunnan aines, muoto ja valta. Suomentanut Tuomo Aho. Tampere: Vastapaino, 1999.

Leviathan. EW III 

  • Leviathan. Edited with an introduction by M. Oakeshott. Oxford: Basil Blackwell 1946.
  • Leviathan. Edited by C. B. MacPherson. London: Penguin Books 1958.
  • Leviathan. Edited by R. Tuck. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1991.
  • Leviathan with selected variants from the Latin edition 1668. Edited by Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company 1994.
  • Leviathan. Edited by J.C.A. Gaskin. Oxford University Press, Oxford 1999.


Of Liberty and Necessity 1654

  • Of Libertie and Necessitie a Treatise Wherein all Controversie Concerning
    Predestination, Election, Free-will, Grace, Merits, Reprobation, etc Is
    Fully Decided and Cleared. London, 1654. Published without the permission of Hobbes.
  • In Hobbes and Bramhall: On Liberty and Necessity. Edited by V.
    Chappell, 15–42. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1999.


  • Elementorum philosophicae sectio prima de corpore. London 1655.
  • Elements of Philosophy, The First Section, Concerning Body,
    with Six Lessons To The Professors of Mathematics. London 1656.

Liberty, Necessity, and Chance 1656

  • The Questions Concerning Liberty, Necessity, and Chance.
    London 1656.
  • In Hobbes and Bramhall: On Liberty and Necessity. Edited by
    V. Chappell, 69–90. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1999.

ΣΤΙΓΜΑΙ . . . Or Markes of the Absurd Geometry, Rural Language,
Scottish Church-politicks, and Barbarismes of John Wallis. London 1657.

De Homine

  • Elementorum philosophiae sectio secunda de homine. London 1658.

Examinatio & emendatio mathematicae hodiernae. London 1660.

Dialocus Physicus 1661

  • Dialocus physicus, sive, de nature aeris conjectura. London 1661.
  • A Physical Dialogue of the Nature of the Air: A Conjecture Taken
    Up from the Experiments Recently Made in London at Gresham College.
    Translated by S. Schaffer. In Leviathan and the Air-pump. Edited by Steven
    Shapin and Simon Schaffer, 345–91. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University
    Press 1985.

La Duplication du cube V.A.Q.R. Paris 1661.

Mr. Hobbes Considered In His Loyalty, Religion, Reputation, And Manners.
London 1662.

Problemata physica 1662

  • Problemata physica. London 1662.
  • Seven Philosophical Problems (EW VII). London 1682.

De principiis et ratiocinatione geometrarum. London 1666.

Opera philosophica quae latiné scripsit, omnia. 2 vols. Amsterdam 1668.

Quadratula circuli, cubatio sphæræ, dublicatio cubi. London 1669.

Three Papers Presented to the Royal Society Against Dr. Wallis. Together with Considerations on Dr. Wallis his Answer to them. London 1671.

Rosetum geometricum 1671

  • Rosetum Geometricum, sive Propositiones Aliquot Frustra antehac tentatae. Cum Censura brevi Doctrinae Wallisianae de Motu. London 1671.
  • A Garden Of Geometrical Roses; Or, Some Propositions Being
    Hitherto Hid, Are Now Made Known. Translated by V. Mandey, 39–107. In
    Mellificium Mensionis: Or The Marrow Of Measuring. London 1682.

Lux mathematica. Excussa Collisionibus Johannis Wallisii. London 1672.

The Iliad and The Odyssey

  • The Iliad and The Odyssey. Translated by T. Hobbes. London 1673-1676.
  • The English Works of Thomas Hobbes, vol. 10 , 1839.
  • The Iliad and the Odyssey. 2 vols. Translated by T. Hobbes. Edited by E. Nelson. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2008.

Principia et problemata aliquot geometrica 1674.

  • Principia et problemata aliquot geometrica ante hac desperata nunc
    breviter explicita et demonstrata. London 1674.
  • 1682. Some Principles and Problems in Geometry Thought Formerly
    Desperate; Now Briefly Explained and Demonstrated. Translated by V.
    Mandey, 108–85. In Mellificium Mensionis: Or The Marrow Of Measuring.
    London 1682. (Translation of the third book.)

Decameron Physiologicum; Or, Ten Dialogues of Natural Philosophy. London 1678.

Behemoth 1679

  • The History of the Civil Wars of England, From the Year 1640 to 1660. London 1679.
  • Behemoth; Or An Epitome of the Civil Wars of England, From 1640, to 1660. London 1679.
  • The English Works of Thomas Hobbes, vol. 6 (Behemoth1839.
  • Behemoth, Or the Long Parliament. Edited by F. Tönnies. London 1889.
  • Behemoth, or, The Long Parliament. Edited by P. Seward. Oxford:
    Oxford University Press 2010.

Autobiography 1679

  • Thomae Hobbessii Malmesburiensis Vita. Authore seipso. London 1679.
  • Thomae Hobbesii angli malmesburiensis philosophi vita. London 1680.

An Narration on Heresy, and the Punishment Thereof. London 1680.

Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student 1681

  • Dialogue Between a Philosopher and a Student Of Common Laws Of
    England. London 1681.
  • The English Works of Thomas Hobbes, vol. 6 (Dialogue)
  • A Dialogue between a Philosopher and a Student of Common
    Laws of England. Edited and with introduction by J. Cropsey. Chicago:
    University of Chicago Press 1971, 1997.
  • Writings on Common Law and Hereditary Right. Edited by A. Cromartie and Q. Skinner. Oxford: Oxford University Press 2005.

An Answer to a Book Published by Dr Bramhall, Late Bishop of
Derry, Called ‘The Catching of Leviathan. London 1682.

Historia Ecclesiastica 1688

  • Historia ecclesiastica, carmine elegiaco concinnata (OL V). London 1688.
  • A True Ecclesiastical History, From Moses to the Time of Martin
    Luther, In Verse. Translated by J. Rook. Introduction by T. Rymer. London 1722.
  • Historia Ecclesiastica: Critical Edition. Edited by P. Springborg,
    P. Stablein, and P. Wilson. Paris: Honoré Champion 2008.

A Short Tract On First Principles. Attributed to Hobbes. London 1888.

De Mundo

  • Critique du “De Mundo” de Thomas White. Edited by J. Jacquot and
    H. W. Jones. Vrin, Paris 1973.
  • Thomas White’s “De Mundo” examined. Translated by H. W.
    Jones. London: Braford University Press 1976.