Staat, Bewegung, Volk 1933

Carl Schmitt / 1890-1918 / 1919-1933 / 1933-1945 / 1945-1949 / 1949-1978

  • Staat, Bewegung, Volk. Die Dreigliederung der politischen Einheit, Hamburg 1933
  • State, movement, people. The triadic structure of the political unity. Simona Draghici, trans. Plutarch Press, 2001.
  • Valtio, Liike, Kansa. Poliittisen ykseyden kolminaisuus.

“All public law of the present German State rests on its own ground.”

“The primary importance of the political leadership is a fundamental principle of the present- day public law.”

“It goes without saying that the National-Socialist Party is in no way a ‘party’ in the sense of the now superseded pluralistic- party system. It is the leading body that carries the State and the People.”

“The strength of the National-Socialist State resides in the fact that it is dominated and imbued from top to bottom and in every atom of its being by the idea of leadership.”

“The election must be replaced by selection.”

“Without the principle of ethnic identity (artgleichheit), the German National-Socialist State cannot exist, and its legal life would be unimaginable… all the questions and answers require an ethnic identity without which a total leader-State could not stand its ground a single day.”