The Primal Scene of Politics

Lecture course in Political Science

Introduction: The Primal Scene of Politics

1. Political Cosmos of the Ancients

  • The World of Hellenes
  • The Cosmos of Citizens
  • Political Community
  • The Birth of The Political Space

2. The Early Political Thought

  • One and Many
  • Religious Communities
  • The Politics of Cosmos
  • The Presentation of the Political. The Politics of Tragedy

3. The New Thinking

  • Political History
  • Politics as Art (Sophist)
  • The Aporia of Citizen (Socrates)
  • The Followers of Socrates

4. The Righteous Life (Plato)

  • The Highest Knowledge
  • The Politics of Eros
  • The Kingship of Philosophers
  • The Weaving of Government
  • The Order of the Habits

5. The Living Political (Aristotle)

  • Life and Ways
  • The Ways of Life
  • Human Wisdom
  • The Good of the Citizen
  • The Art of the Rhetoric

6. The Birth of the Cosmopolitan

  • The Political Speech
  • The Craving for Infinity
  • From Polis to Cosmopolis
  • The Homeless Universal


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