Novalis 1772 – 1801

Novalis Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg 1772 – 1801

“The world must be romanticized.That is how original meaning is recovered. Romanticization means nothing but raising to a higher qualitative power. In this operation, the lower self is made equal to a higher one, as we consist ourselves of such a series of qualitative different powers. This operation is still completely unknown. In giving an exalted meaning to vulgar, mysterious aspect to the commonplace, the dignity of the unknown to the familiar, the semblance of infinity to the finite, I romanticize it.”  (Logologische Fragmente II, 1789)

Hymns to the Night 1797

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Faith and love 1798

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Notes for a Romantic Encyclopaedia 1798/99

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Christianity or Europe 1799 

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Fichte Studies.

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