Land und Meer 1942

Carl Schmitt / 1890-1918 / 1919-1933 / 1933-1945 / 1945-1949 / 1949-1978

  • Land und Meer. Eine weltgeschichtliche Betrachtung. Reclam, Leipzig 1942.
  • Land and Sea. Simona Draghici, trans. Plutarch Press, 1997.
  • Maa ja meri. Maailmanhistoriallinen tarkastelu.

“Are we the children of the earth or of the sea?”

“To imagine a “maritime globe” would seem strange, indeed.

“World history is the history of the wars waged by maritime powers against land or continental powers and by land powers against sea or maritime powers.”

“Man has a clear awareness of his space, which historically is subject to profound perturbations. To the plurality of forms of existence corresponds an equal plurality of spaces.”