Schmitt: Writings 1945-1949

Carl Schmitt: Writings from the occupation period 1945-1949

Ex captivitate salus 1945-47

  • Ex captivitate salus. Erinnerungen der Zeit 1945/47. Greven Verlag, Köln 1950.
  • Ex captivitate salus. Experiences from the period 1945-1947.
    • 1. Discussion with Eduard Spranger 1945.
    • 2. Remarks in response to a talk by Karl Mannheim (1945–1946)
    • 3. Historiography in nuce: Alexis de Tocqueville.
    • 4.Two graves (Henrich von Kleist, Theodor Däubler)
    • 5. Ex captivitate salus
    • 6. The wisdom of the cell
    • 7. Song of the Sexagenerian. Telos 72, Summer 1987.
  • Ex captivitate salus. Kokemuksia ajasta 1945-1947.

kainabel“Who are you? Tu quis es? That’s an abyssal question.“

“Who can I recognize as my enemy at all? Obviously only the one who can put me into question. And who can really put me in question? Only myself. Or my brother. That’s it. The other is my brother. The other turns out to be my brother and the brother turns out to be my enemy. Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel. This is how the history of mankind begins. Thus appears the father of all things. This is the dialectical tension, which keeps the world history moving and the world history has not yet come to an end.”

“Woe to him who has no friend, for his enemy will sit in judgment over him. Woe to him who has no enemy, for I shall be his enemy on Judgment Day.”