Hamlet 1956

Carl Schmitt / 1890-1918 / 1919-1933 / 1933-1945 / 1945-1949 / 1949-1978

  • Hamlet oder Hekuba. Der Einbruch der Zeit in das Spiel. Eugen Diederichs, Düsseldorf, Köln 1956.
  • Hamlet Or Hecuba: The Intrusion of the Time Into the Play. David Pan and Jennifer R. Rust, trans. Telos Press, 2009.
  • Hamlet vaiko Hecuba. Ajan murtautuminen näytelmään.

“The historical reality is stronger than any aesthetics, and also stronger than the most original subject.”

“The tragic ends where play-acting begins.”

“A poet can and must invent a lot, but he cannot invent the reality core of a tragic action.”

“Don Quixote is Spanish and a Catholic; Faustus is German and a Protestant. while Hamlet is between the two, in the chasm that defined Europe’s destiny.”