Research Cooperation

National and international cooperation

I am a member of “Intellectual Traditions in Ethics and Politics” (ITEP) interdisciplinary research group and I also participate in the work of CONCEPTA (International Research School in Conceptual History and Political Thought). Having been the chairman of the interdisciplinary Finnish Association of Researches over ten years, I have wide national networks in different research domains and also close contacts to the academic publishing.  I have organized and managed numerous research union seminars and scientific publishing activities of the association and established international relations with Italian (F. Bigo), French (M. Lazzarato, J. Ranciere) and Swiss (C. Marazzi) thinkers.

My domestic research collaboration in different research projects have included inter alia Prof. Mika Ojakangas, Prof. Panu Minkkinen, Prof. Sakari Hänninen, Prof. Sara Heinämaa, Docent Susanna Lindberg, Docent Ari Hirvonen, Docent Jussi Vähämäki, Prof T-K. Lehtonen, Academy fellow Jussi Backman, Prof. Niilo Kauppi, Prof. Juri Mykkänen, Dr Timo Moilanen, Dr Michel Kull, Prof. Sergei Prozorov, Dr Timo Pankakoski, Dr Lauri Siisiäinen.

My international research networks began to develop in the Displacement of Politics project in 1999-2001, which co-worked with philosopher Gianni Vattimo and with researchers from the London School of Economics as prof. Nikolas Rosen, prof. Michael J. Shapiro from the University of Hawaii and especially with the Italian group of researches led by prof. Alessandro Dal Lago from University of Genova and prof. Adriana Cavarrelo from the University of Verona. In the spring of 2015, I returned to my early Italian connections to collaborate with the University of Verona’s Political Science Institute (Prof. Carlo Chiusco, Prof. Olivia Guaraldo) and winter 2015-2016 I was visiting researcher in the University of Genova, in collaboration with Professor Federico Rahola and Luca Guzetti.

The main research projects I had participated had included cooperation, collaboration and extensive networks with domestic and international partners.

The difference, identity, otherness project with prof. Galtung and Peace Research Institute Oslo. “Governing Competition Society with Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires sur l’Allemagne – CRIA. “Rethinking Cultural Diversity in Europe with prof. Rodolphe Gasché, University of New York, Matthias Flatscher University of Vienna, Louiza Odysseos, the University of Sussex; Veronique Pin-Fat, the University of Manchester. The Intellectual Heritage of Radical Cultural Conservatism collaborated with prof. Richard Wolin (City University of New York) and prof. Peter Hallward (Kingston University), Prof. Artemy Magun (European University at St. Petersburg), Prof. Roland Boer (University of Newcastle, Australia).