The Primal Scene of Politics: Content

Introduction: The Greeks…

I. Ancient Political Cosmos


  1. The Hellenic World
  2. The Cosmos of Citizens
  3. The Political Communities
  4. The Birth of the Political Space

II. The Early Political Thought


  1. One and many
  2. The Religious Communities
  3. The Cosmic Politics
  4. The Politics of Tragedy

III. The New Thought


  1. Political history
  2. The Art of Politics
  3. The Question of Citizen
  4. The Disciples of Socrates

IV. The Righteousness Life


  1. The Highest Knowledge
  2. The Politics of Love
  3. The Kingship of Philosophers
  4. The Weaving as Governing
  5. The Order of Customs

V. The Political Animal


  1. Life and Ways
  2. The Ways of Life
  3. The Human Wisdom
  4. The Good of the Citizens
  5. The Rhetoric of Reason

VI. The Birth of the Cosmopolitan


  1. The Political Speech
  2. The Political Passions
  3. The Homeless Cosmopolitan
  4. From Polis to Cosmopolis