Fourier 1772 – 1837

François Marie Charles Fourier 1772 – 1837

 I alone shall have confounded twenty centuries of political imbecility, and it is to me alone that present and future generations will be indebted for their boundless happiness. Before me, mankind lost several thousand years in fighting madly against nature. I am the first who has bowed before her by studying attraction, the organ of her decrees. She has deigned to smile upon the only mortal who has brought incense to her shrine; she has delivered up all her treasures to me. I come as the possessor of the book of Destiny to banish political and moral darkness and to erect the theory of
universal harmony upon the ruins of the uncertain sciences.

The Theory of the Four Movements 1808

  • Théorie des quatre mouvements et des destinées générales : prospectus et annonce de la découverte, Leipzig, 1808.
  • The Theory of the Four Movements and of the General Destinies. Edited by Stedman Jones and Petterson. Cambridge University Press 1996.

Theory of universal unity 1822-3

  • Théorie de l’unité universelle, vol. 1-4, Paris, 1822-1823.

The New Industrial World 1829

  • Le Nouveau monde industriel et sociétaire ou invention du procédé d’industrie attrayante et naturelle, distribuée en séries passionnées, Paris, Bossange père, 1829