J. A. Hobson

John Atkinson Hobson (1858 – 1940)


The Physiology of Industry (1889).

  • with Albert F. Mummery

Problems of Poverty (1891).

Evolution of Modern Capitalism (1894).

Problem of the Unemployed (1896).

John Ruskin: Social Reformer (1898).

The Economics of Distribution (1900).

The War in South Africa: Its Causes and Effects (1900).

Capitalism and Imperialism in South Africa (1900)

Psychology of Jingoism (1901).

The Social Problem: Life and Work (1901).

Imperialism: a Study (1902)

International Trade (1904).

Canada Today (1906).

The Crisis of Liberalism (1909).

The Industrial System (1909).

A Modern Outlook (1910).

The Science of Wealth (1911).

An Economic Interpretation of Investment (1911).

Industrial Unrest (1912).

The German Panic (1913).

Gold, Prices and Wages (1913).

Work and Wealth, A Human Valuation (1914).

Traffic in Treason, A Study in Political Parties (1914).

Towards International Government (1915).

Western Civilization (1915).

The New Protectionism (1916).

Labour and the Costs of War (1916).

Democracy after the War (1917).

Forced Labor (1917).

Dips into the Near Future (1917/1918).

Taxation in the New State (1919).

Richard Cobden: The International Man (1919).

The Obstacles to Economic Recovery in Europe (1920).

The Morals of Economic Internationalism (1920)

The Economics of Restoration (1921).

Problems of a New World (1921).

Work and Wealth: a Human Valuation (1921)

Incentives in the New Industrial Order (1922).

The Economics of Unemployment (1922).

Notes on Law and Order (1926).

The Conditions of Industrial Peace (1927).

Wealth and Life (1929).

Rationalisation and Unemployment (1930).

God and Mammon (1931).

Poverty in Plenty (1931).

L.T. Hobhouse, His Life and Work (1931).

The Recording Angel (1932).

Saving and Spending: Why Production is Clogged (1932).

From Capitalism to Socialism (1932).

Rationalism and Humanism (1933).

Democracy and a Changing Civilization (1934).

Veblen (1936).

Property and Improperty (1937).

Confessions of an Economic Heretic (1938).