Experience from supervising

Very intensive stuff (Comment from doctoral student)

A lot of discussions, which everyone participated. Teacher knew how to guide, advice and motivate. The course really helped you to advance in writing the thesis. (Student feedback from thesis seminar)

I started to supervise doctoral dissertations after having received the title of docent (2013) and are now supervising three doctoral theses. I had also been supervisor and evaluator in several bachelor and master thesis, all using various methodologies (both qualitative and quantitative) and handling multiple subject matters in both political studies, administration studies and world politics.

I have taught research seminars (MA) and (BA), been visiting teacher and lecturer in post graduate seminars and taught research approaches and methodologies.


As supervisor, I emphasize the importance of the research question believing that the choice of methodology and material should always be subordinated to the actual research question. Unfortunately, students tend to stick to particular methodology or research material without working out first what is their actual research question. However, the qualitative method does not answer to the quantified question as the quantified methodology does not answer to the qualified question. Indeed, my quite extensive knowledge of theories and methodology of social sciences, has been particularly useful where there has been a demand to supervise thesis done in various subject matters and using very different methodologies. When working as a full-time teacher, I have also participated in the design and development of faculty teaching, design of study units and forms, as also guiding and managing students personal study plans.