Hermann Cohen 1842 – 1918

Hermann Cohen 1842 – 1918

 “Thus monotheism is the immediate cause of Messianism as well as of the concept of world history, as the history of one mankind. Without the unique God, the idea of one mankind could not arise. And without the idea of mankind, history would remain a problem of knowledge of the past of peoples, on the basis of the past of one’s own people. National history, however, is in general not yet history. It cannot even be a methodological foundation, because it cannot be the point of departure for scientific orientation. Mankind must just become first the object of human love in order
to become the point of orientation for the problem of history.”

Kant’s Theory of Experience 1885

Kant’s Theorie der Erfahrung,. Dümmler Berlin, 1871; 2d ed., 1885; Cassier ed. 1918.

Kant’s Foundations of Ethics 1877

  • Kant’s Begründung der Ethik, Berlin. Dümmler, Berlin 1877; Cassirer ed. 1910.

Mathematics and Theory of Platonic Ideals 1878

  • Platon’s Ideenlehre und die Mathematik, Marburg, 1878.

On Kant’s Influence on German Culture 1883

“Von Kant’s Einfluss auf die Deutsche Kultur,” Berlin, 1883.

Kant’s Foundations of Aesthetics 1889

  • Kant’s Begründung der Aesthetik, Dümmler Berlin, 1889.

System of Philosophy 1902

I. Logik der reinen Erkenntnis 1902

  • System der Philosophie. Erster Teil: Logik der reinen Erkenntnis,
    Berlin, Bruno Cassirer, 1902, 1914.

II. Ethik des reinen Willens 1904

  • System der Philosophie. Zweiter Teil: Ethik des reinen Willens, Berlin,
    Bruno Cassirer, 1904, 1907.

III. Asthetik des reinen Gefühls 1912

  • System der Philosophie. Dritter Teil: Asthetik des reinen Gefühls, 2
    Bde., Berlin, Bruno Cassirer, 1912.

Der Begriff der Religion im System der Philosophie, Giessen,
Topelmann, 1915.

The Religion of Reason  1919

Die Religion der Vernunft aus den Quellen des Judentums. hg. von Benzion Kellerman, Leipzig, Fock, 1919: hg. von Bruno Strauss, Frankfurt, J. Kaufmann, 1929.

Religion of Reason Out of the Sources of Judaism. Translated by Simon Kaplan, introductory essay by Leo Strauss. New York, Frederick Ungar, 1972.

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