Arendt, Hannah (1906-1975)


If philosophers, despite their necessary estrangement from the everyday life of human affairs, were ever to arrive at a true political philosophy they would have to make the plurality of man, out of which arises the whole realm of human affairs—in its grandeur and misery—the object of their thaumadzein.”



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  • Koivusalo, Markku: Totalitarismista uusliberalismiin: Hannah Arendt ja aikamme poliittisen ajattelun ahdinko. [From totalitarianism to neoliberalism: Hannah Arendt and the burden of our political though] Tiede & edistys: Interdisciplinary critical science journal (2013):4, pp. 311-129.
  •  Totalitarismista_uusliberalismiin (artikkeli)
  • Totalitarismista-uusliberalismiin_käsikirjoitus (toimittamaton käsikirjoitus)
  • Koivusalo, Markku: ”Hannah Arendt: Totalitarismin synty. Review article of Finnish translation of Hannah Arendt: Origins of Totalitarianism. Politiikka: Finnish Journal of Political Science 56 (2014): 2, pp. 159-169. Totalitarismin_synty_arvostelu
  • Koivusalo, Markku: ”Hannah Arendt’s Angels and Demons: Ten Spiritual Exercises.” COLLeGIUM Studies across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences 2010:8, pp. 105-150. Koivusalo_Arendt_Angels_Demons
  • Koivusalo, Markku: ”Kuka muistaisi toiminnan miehiä?” [Hannah Arendt and the Action Men.] Tiede & edistys: Interdisciplinary critical science journal 28 (2003): 2, pp. 1-18.
  • Koivusalo, Markku: “The female condition.” Framework: the Finnish art review 2006:5, pp. 8-13.
  • Koivusalo, Markku: ”Pyhästä banaaliin pahaan.” [From the Sacred to the Banal Evil.] Nuori Voima literary journal 2001:2, pp. 3-6.

Conferences and presentations

  • Angels and demons in the political thought of Hannah Arendt. Practice, Thought and Judgment – Hannah Arendt 100 years: Anniversary Symposium. November 24 – 25, 2006. University of Helsinki.
  • Hannah Arendt and Sociology. Discussion in Marian Helmi 4.11.2003.

Lectures and teaching 

  • Thinking and Judging the Political with Hannah Arendt. Lecture course and seminar. International Master’s Degree Program. University of Helsinki (6 cr.) 2010–2012.
  • Hannah Arendt and Thinking the Political. As a part of the course: Political Philosophy in Modern World. (5-6 cr.) University of Helsinki 2004-2016.
  • Hannah Arend: Life and Thought. Aalto university. Study circle of the Department of Film, Television and Scenography. Kulttuurikeskus Caisa. 13.3. 2017.
  • Introduction to Arendt’s analysis of totalitarianism. Social science researches readong circle. University of Helsinki. Department of Sociology. 10.3.2017.
  • Hannah Arendt and Political Philosophy. Lectures in Critical Academy. Philosophy School 2002, 2003.