Trial lectures


I had given trial lectures for Senior Lecturer (2007) and Adjunct Professor (2013). Both were rated as good, the other as an excellent what becomes to the disposition and parsing of the material. The best feedback has however come from the students themselves, where several students had praised my lectures as the best teaching they had never attended in the academic world.

  • 2..2012 Politiikan käsite. [The Concept of Politics] 
    • Trial lecture for a position of Adjunct Professor (Title of Docent), University of Helsinki.
    • Advanced studies in Political Science.
    •  Pedagogical committee rated the lecture Good.
  • 4.2007 Johdatus valtio-oppiin. [Introduction to the Political Science]
    • The Basic Studies of Politics.
    • Trial lecture for a position of senior lecturer in Open University of Helsinki.
    • Pedagogical committee rated the lecture Good. The disposition of the lecture was rated Excellence.