History of Political Thought


Ancient Greece

Hellenistic & Ancient Rome

Late Ancient and Medieval


17th century

18th century

19th century

20th century

Project: History of European Political and Social Thought

I. The Primal Scene of Politics

II. The Empire Strikes Back

III. The Imitation of Christ

IV. The Reasons of States

V: The Governance of Societies

My courses in the History of Political Thought

  • The Primal Scene of Politics.
    • Open university of Helsinki (2 cr.). 2008-2014, 2008 (2x)
  • Ancient philosophy.
    • Theatre Academy 2006.
  • Political Thought in The Occidental Tradition. 
    • University of Helsinki 1996-1999.
    • Open University of Helsinki 1999-2004, 2006-7 (2x)
    • Internet course 2006-2008
  • Introduction to the Public Administration
    • Co-ordination of the experts lecture series, (2 cr.)
    • University of Helsinki
  • The Concept of War in Western Tradition 
    • Worldpolitics, University of Helsinki, (2 cr.) 2004, 2005