Teaching technologies and environments


The facilities of the course were much better prepared than usually. (Student feedback)

I had constantly tried to use the latest teaching technologies having been one of the pioneers in using new presentation technologies and learning environments. In my lecture series, I have blended different teaching methods, technologies and environments constructing digital learning environments in the Moodle to support the classroom teaching.

I have also experiment with different self- and peer-evaluation practices as pedagogical tools, even I am really convinced that in the last instance the evaluation had to be in the responsibility of the teacher to guarantee the rights of students.

Sample of course web pages:

Moodle Learning environments with visual and textual material, digital discussion groups and  digital workshops:

  • Klassinen poliittinen ajattelu
  • Kandiseminaari ja kandidaatin tutkielma YFIA7005
  • Poliittinen filosofia modernissa maailmassa.
  • Thinking and Judging Political with Hannah Arendt