Pedagogical training, development and promotion

Pedagogical studies and training

I have done particular pedagogical studies (10 cr.) required from university teachers.

  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (5 cr.)
  • Constructive alignment in course design (5 cr.).

As also participated in the courses training verbal expression (2009) and Urkund – plagiarism detection (2013).

For me, the best education in the university pedagogy has however been the teaching practice itself and my over twenty year’s extensive and profound experience in academic teaching.

I have tried to develop my teaching especially in the light of the student feedback and have also learned a lot from colleagues and practised shared teaching.

When working as a full-time teacher, I have been involved in curriculum planning and participated in the design and development of faculty teaching, designed study units and forms, as also guiding and managing students personal study plans.

As a fee-paid teacher, I have taught large comprehensively designed study unit packages including lectures, study environments, discussion and reading groups and digital material.

Whereas nowadays teaching is often undervalued in universities as publishing has become the only real academic merit, I have always tried to promote academic teaching and develop my own teaching, even at the expense of my academic career.

And whereas the pedagogical studies concentrate mainly on the form of the learning without acknowledging the importance of the substance, I have always concentrate to improve and develop the real substance in my teaching. The most common feedback from my teaching is that the teacher really knew his substance and also taught new and interesting substance.