Benjamin Walter (1892-1940)

Benjamin 1910-1917 / ÜS / 1918-1934 / KG / 1934-1940 / KZ_TR.  /  ÜBG


naama7“To treat the past (better: what has been) in accordance with a method that is no longer historical but political. To make political categories into a theoretical categories, insofar as one dared to apply them only in the sense of praxis, because only to the present – that is the task.”




Early writings 1910-1917

Writings 1918-1934

Late writings 1934-1940


My works on Benjamin


  • Koivusalo, Markku: ”Pakolaisen kuolema: Walter Benjamin (1892-1940).” [The Death of the Refugee: Walter Benjamin (1892-1940).] In Timo Kaitaro & Markku Roinila (eds.), Filosofin kuolema. [The Death of the Philosopher.] Helsinki, Summa 2003, pp. 290-317. Koivusalo_2003_Pakolaisen_kuolema_Benjamin

Conferences, presentations, discussions

  • Walter Benjamin: Central Park Discussion. Goethe-Institut 11.12..2014.
  • Walter Benjamin Discussion. Research Association Open Doors- 2014
  • ”Väkivallan järjestys.” [The order of violence.] Laki ja järjestys seminaari. Helsingin yliopisto 13.6.2014


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